Mindful coaching program: A Healthy, Happy Doctor

A clear mind, inner peace and more job satisfaction

You are a passionate doctor, and you want to get the best out of yourself… but with less stress and healthy boundaries, so that you still have energy and time to do fun things after work.

…but your reality is that you:

  • are wondering: how long can I keep up this pace?
  • you use lunch breaks to clear administrative backlogs
  • you feel guilty or restless, if you do manage to schedule a moment of rest
  • you sometimes even have ’toilet free days’, on which you drink as little as possible so you don’ t need a break
  • you don’t have a short fuse, but sometimes even no fuse at all

and you might also recognize:

  • that there is often too little space for you as a person in your work
  • that you never or rarely call in sick, but often have too little energy after work and don’ t feel like doing fun things with your loved ones
  • that at home you are often still busy with situations that were difficult in your day
  • that you are one of the many doctors who discourage their children from becoming doctors

Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves …

Pema Chödrön

Fortunately, things can be differently

You can be a passionate doctor and also be and stay fit…

Relaxed and effective collaboration with your colleagues…

Feel good about yourself and have energy left for important things besides work…

Worry less at home about things that touched you or were complicated…

And thanks to self-compassion, putting things in place faster and sleeping better.

I absolutely do not want to lose this clear feeling

I now know the cause of my burn/bore out and what my needs are to be able to do and enjoy my work.
In my work I notice that I can switch between patients much better. I get more satisfaction from my work and patients also seem to be more satisfied.

In my private life I notice that I have more energy and consciously enjoy fun and cozy things. Recently I went shopping with my daughter for a whole day. I hadn’t done that in years, simply because I had no energy. What is also striking is that the blur that I had in my head for years has disappeared. This clear feeling is such a nice feeling and I definitely don’t want to lose it.


Oncological pulmonologist


Oncologisch longarts

You are the most important instrument

You want to make full use of your talents, because it is such a beautiful profession. You will be happy if you can really mean something to your patients. If you get to be close to people at important moments. Or you can participate in new developments in your profession.
Being (self-)compassionate and having good self-care is important to be able to give the best of yourself as a doctor. And the only way to keep it up.

Satisfied patients

Research shows – and I also hear it from my clients – that a doctor who takes good care of himself can also take better care of his or her patients. Doctors who have more self-compassion and inner peace make fewer mistakes, feel more self-confidence during bad news conversations, understand more quickly what patients really need and experience better contact.

Become a happy and healthy doctor

In my Healthy Doctor coaching program I help you discover how you can find your job satisfaction with a clear head and from inner peace. How to give your patients the best of yourself, while also having the desire and energy to do fun things at home with your loved ones. And how you can become the doctor you always wanted to be.

What does the Healthy Doctor coaching program look like

First: you have a free of charge session for getting to know eachother.
We will explore together:

  • What are you currently facing in your work?
  • What do you want to achieve by following this program?
  • Does it suit you to take about 15 minutes a day for mindfulness, relaxation and communication exercises?
  • Do we click?

After the interview, we decide together whether to get started.

Over the years I have developed a program that works well to take steps that have a lasting effect.
This is described in the program below, (and we will fit it to your needs.)

The program:

You will have my guidance for half a year, which consists of:

8 coaching sessions of one hour
The sessions are via video calling or if you are in the Netherlands, in Hengelo. We specifically work with your learning goals and what arises in the period between the sessions. We also discuss your experiences in applying attention, compassion and the communication exercises in your work and daily life.

An exercise program tailored to your learning goals
The exercise program helps you to come back to yourself and to train your attention and self-compassion. I help you achieve that with regular meditation, through which you learn to be in the reality of the moment. So that you can apply what you know and learn more quickly in your days, simply because you are here now . This way you get quick results with relatively few coaching sessions.

Information about (scientific) backgrounds
Insights and backgrounds about mindfulness, self-compassion and Nonviolent Communication.

Direct contact when you need it: first aid for stress
I can be reached by email, app or text message and sometimes also by phone if you have questions or during acute moments of stress.

Acces to meditation app Healthy Doctor
Here you will find the meditations and background information.


  1. The easiest way: schedule your call appointment yourself via my online agenda.
  2. Or try if I have time right now. Call 0031 6 50511578.


“I now almost immediately realize when I am stressed and why, and I also see when my inner critic is in charge. This week I immediately asked for the information that I was still missing in the morning at work. I wouldn’t have done so quickly before. I also was clear about what I can do and need. It all went well after that.
A year ago I would have worried about this for weeks and achieved nothing. At home they also notice that things are going a lot better.”


What results do my participants experience:

  • More inner peace and confidence
  • They stay in balance more easily, even in stressful moments.
  • They experience more satisfaction, energy and (self) compassion.
  • They are kinder to themselves.
  • They are less reactive in critical moments.
  • They are more effective in dealing with work stress
  • They are less reactive to critical moments
  • A clear mind and therefore more overview, so they get things done faster, this benefits their work-private balance.
  • They learn to take mini breaks more often during stressful moments, sometimes lasting only a few seconds, so that they make more conscious choices.
  • They recognize faster what they really need when there is more stress, so that they also take better care of them selves at those times.


You will communicate better

Communication with colleagues and patients is easier and more effective. People notice that you listen better.
Patients suddenly tell different and more important things than before, so that you can treat more effectively.
You feel more at ease when you can no longer do anything for a patient, because you stay in touch better in these moments.
It’s going to be fun back home
You notice that it is more often possible not to be “on” continuously at home. You are home when you are home. Have more energy and are more mindful.

Choices in your career

If you come specifically for a new direction in your career, you can expect to know better what you really want to do and where you can take the first concrete steps.

For whom:

In recent years I have trained and coached many surgeons, cardiologists, general practitioners, dermatologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, paediatricians, company doctors, an otolaryngologist, geriatric specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, gynaecologists, a pathologist, rehabilitation physicians, psychiatrists, pulmonologists. In recent years, more young doctors who are in their interns.

Some of the doctors who come to my coaching and retreats are enterprising doctors who are in the process of redefining their profession, or are medical directors or professors.
I guide a number of them on their first steps in entrepreneurship.

But the main reasons that doctors come is because they experience too much stress, are tired, burnt out, or are traumatized. Others because cooperation and communication with colleagues has been difficult for a while.

About me

I am Sietske de Haan and since 2000 I have been teaching mindfulness and guiding people in dealing with stress, and in living a more mindful and compassionate lifes. Since 2005 I coach and train mainly doctors who are looking to bring the best of themselves into the world in a healthier way. 

I quickly get to the heart of the matter and we will explore like: what is really important to you? What moves you? Who do you want to be? What do you really want to do in your life?
In my guidance I use mindfulness, compassion, nonviolent communication, interpersonal mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing.

Clients say about me: unconditional, safe, practical, down-to-earth, loving, sense of humour. 

I wrote a chapter about mindfulness and non-violent communication in these two books: (In the Englisch version together with Oren J. Sofer.)

De Kunst van Mindful Communiceren and Mindful Communication:


What do doctors say about the Healthy Doctor program?

As a doctor, I quickly felt understood.

Through the coaching with Sietske I discovered the focus that I had been looking for for a long time.
Sietske has a ‘bright mind’ and is decisive with compassion in her own way. She brings her whole heart into what she does.

She is able to bring things back to the core within a very short time and thereby names elements that I classify as the ‘forgotten domains of our being’. I notice that the exercises she chooses nourish and restore these domains. So I got mindfulness training and meditation exercises.

In addition, she can coordinate well with her clients, who mainly come from the medical sector, because she also knows the medical world well. As a doctor, I quickly felt understood.
From her broad professional interests and network, she creates potentially valuable synergies. For example, she arranged a meeting for me with people with whom I have interesting interfaces and who may see a nice collaboration in the future. Sietske is therefore also a true entrepreneur who sees opportunities and solutions – and where possible creates them – for her clients.

Indy Niedlich

Patholoog en medisch manager

 A thorough and progressive coach
All sessions I had with Sietske were via video calling. The advantage is that you have a personal conversation in your familiar environment. Furthermore, I found both non-verbal and verbal communication to be pleasant through this medium. I have experienced Sietske as a thorough and progressive coach.


Huisarts en opleider

You wonder if this coaching can help you?
Or would you first like to discuss where you are now with your work and life and what you need now?
Find out if there is a click between us?

Then schedule a first meeting, this will cost you nothing, except a little time.

Request a interview here.

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  1. The easiest way: schedule your call appointment yourself via my online agenda.
  2. Or try if I have time right now. Call 0031 6 50511578.